3 Incredibly Effective Strategies the Marriott Cancun Collection Uses to Engage Guests

In a time when hotels are using personalization to compete with OTAs, AirBnB and each other, guest engagement is more important than ever. After all, research shows that hotel guests spend 46% more per year when they are fully engaged with the brand.

And if there’s one thing the Marriott Cancun Collection truly understands, it’s how to engage guests in meaningful ways. Both the JW Marriott and the Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa use our location-based marketing platform, HYP3R, to draw geofences around their properties. The platform’s machine learning then surfaces all people posting publicly from these locations, regardless of whether they have hashtags or @mentions. The resort staff uses this location-based data to understand who’s at the property and create delightful interactions. And they’re incredibly good at it, too, boasting a 56% return on engagement rate.

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HYP3R helps us focus more on creating experiences, surprising our guests, and making moments that are memorable.” Marriott Cancun collection Marketing & Communications Manager Mariana Garmendia explained.

In a national survey conducted by HYP3R in partnership with Brigham Young University, 71% of consumers said they are likely to purchase from a company that interacts with them on social media. With the help of HYP3R’s technology, the resort staff can bridge physical and digital worlds for guests by turning social media engagements into real-world experiences and — ultimately — revenue.

Keep reading to learn about three specific strategies the property’s team uses to do just that.

1. Create meaningful interact with guests over social media.

The Marriott Cancun Collection team never misses an opportunity to surprise and delight guests while they’re staying at the hotel. Whether it’s elevating a couple’s anniversary celebration or simply chiming in with thoughtful comments, guests are always very happy when their social posts are noticed by the Marriott Cancun Resort or the JW Marriott Cancun.

After posting about her birthday on Instagram (above), this guest was surprised to find the hotel staff discovered her post and decorated her room (below).

The resorts also use filters and alerts to identify guests who are celebrating special events. One guest celebrated her 30th birthday at the property, but didn’t mention anything about it while booking her room. When she posted about her birthday on Instagram from the hotel pool, however, the JW Marriott Cancun discovered the post by using HYP3R.

When she returned to her room, she was surprised to find it decorated with happy birthday messages. She even made an entirely new Instagram post about this experience, thanking the staff and saying everything exceeded her expectations. Because the guest didn’t mention her birthday when booking the room, the resort staff wouldn’t have known without HYP3R.

2. Find influential guests already on location.

The marketing team also uses filters in HYP3R to find guests with large social media followings. Because these guests are already engaging with the brand, they’re ideal candidates for acting as brand ambassadors.

When the team found one influential guest staying at the Marriott Cancun Resort with her husband for their honeymoon, they were able to create an entire day of experiences for the couple that included a couple’s massage and private meet-and-greet with the resort chef. The influencer posted multiple times from the property and even wrote about it on her blog.

Reaching out to another influencer identified by HYP3R resulted in an impromptu photoshoot organized and carried out by the resort staff. One photo was even used as the featured photo on the property’s social profile! So, they not only saved money on content creation costs, but photos from someone who is already engaged with your brand and actually enjoys the experience creates much more authentic marketing.

3. Inspire genuine TripAdvisor reviews.

Guest engagement also drives great reviews: Another HYP3R customer, the San Juan Marriott, increased its TripAdvisor ranking from 11 to 8 in just one month using our platform. Combine that with the almost 70% of consumers who will leave a review after a business asks them, and you’ve got the Marriott Cancun Collection’s successful strategy for driving reviews through HYP3R.

The resort staff loads pre-written messages into the platform, delightfully engages guests over social media and then politely asks for reviews. Guests almost always enthusiastically agree. One guest even wrote a glowing, detailed review of her experience at the JW Marriott Cancun on her popular travel blog.

All of these engagements over social media serve as organic, word-of-mouth marketing. The combined audience reach of guests engaged by the Marriott Cancun collection is almost 8.5 million people. Not to mention that research shows making guests feel welcome can increase brand loyalty and referrals.

We can’t thank the Marriott Cancun Collection’s team of smart marketers enough for sharing these tactics with us. Stay tuned for more real-world examples of innovative marketing strategies.

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