4 Delightful Ways this St. Regis Hotel Interacts with Guests on Location

A lot of businesses that try to engage customers over social media often sound robotic or overly promotional. The St. Regis Mexico City is definitely not one of them.

The hotel’s marketing team uses our location-based marketing platform to engage guests in delightful ways, deliver insightful recommendations that drive on-property revenue, and source authentic user-generated content for their own marketing purposes.

“There are a lot of things you can you do over social media,” St. Regis Mexico City Marketing & Communications Manager Fernanda Elizondo told us. “But HYP3R helps us understand the real experiences from our guests.”

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She added that the solution enables her to engage with guests more and create better, more relevant interactions. And Fernanda knows a thing or two about guest engagement: The St. Regis Mexico City has a 47% return on engagement rate (close to twice the industry average) and 6% new follower conversion rate. Guests posting from the property have a combined audience reach of 135 million people — that’s a lot of consumers seeing organic content coming from the St. Regis Mexico City!

A big part of the St. Regis Mexico City’s strategy is to bridge the digital and physical worlds by engaging guests when it matters most: during their stay. Check out some of the tactics Fernanda and her team use (along with a few examples) below.

1. Elevate guest experience in personalized ways.

HYP3R allows the St. Regis Mexico City team to see everyone posting publicly to social media from their property (even if they don’t use hashtags or @mentions). The hotel can then create authentic, one-on-one interactions with guests. For example, they’ll leave comments to welcome guests to the property, wish them a great day, or even provide interesting information about the hotel.

The hotel staff delights guests by offering teddy bears to kids staying at the hotel. One guest posted a picture of her daughter with the bear, thanking the hotel for the gift and saying the hotel was in touch with all of her needs. That’s another thing Fernanda said the platform helps with: recognition for hotel staff members who go above and beyond. She’ll often discover posts from guests who compliment specific associates by name.

2. Celebrate guests’ special occasions.

With HYP3R, the St. Regis Mexico City can also set up alerts for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions,so Fernanda never misses an opportunity to celebrate with guests. Whether it’s a simple message like wishing a guest a happy New Year or sending champagne to a couple who just got engaged, she can show how much the hotel cares about their guests.

Fernanda said these social engagements, where the hotel actually talks with guests instead of at them, are overwhelmingly positive, with guests regularly sharing their gratitude. And engagement is just good business — research shows that making guests feel welcome increases their intent to return and keenness to recommend that hotel to others.

3. Offer insightful food & beverage recommendations.

Guests at the St. Regis Mexico City also love to post pictures of delicious food and drinks from restaurants at the property. But Fernanda’s team isn’t simply trying to push the same menu item to every guest; they offer comparable or complementary dishes to what the guest originally posted about.

For example, one guest Instagrammed a photo of his wagyu beef and martini dinner from the hotel restaurant. The St. Regis Mexico City responded with a simple comment (“Looks delicious! We hope you enjoyed it!”) followed by an offer to have the guest meet their new mixologist at their other restaurant. The guest was delighted and went to the bar that weekend, and published an second Instagram post complimenting the cocktails and thanking the hotel and bartenders by name.

4. Feature guest content on your brand social channels.

Fernanda and her team also use HYP3R to discover beautiful photos guests have taken at their property and request permission to use them in their own marketing. For example: A lot of guests post pictures of the hotel’s famous exterior construction or a wedding party at the property. So the St. Regis Mexico City team starts by expressing how much they love the picture, then asks the guest’s approval to use the photo in their own digital channels. Not only are guests flattered that the hotel noticed their picture, but they almost always agree to let their content be used. Fernanda said our location-based marketing platform also helps her source amazing pictures of delicious breakfasts or fantastic city views from hotel rooms, which HYP3R data shows garner up to 47% more engagement than their other brand posts (which often required an expensive professional photographer).

Elevating guest experiences is more important than ever. Not only do these types of engagements increase guest satisfaction, but fully engaged hotel guests spend 46% more per year than others. So guest engagement translates to tangible business results. Big thanks to St. Regis Mexico City ? for sharing some of the delightful strategies they use to create meaningful relationships with guests. We hope you find them useful, too!

Joseph Lage
Author Joseph Lage Director of Growth Marketing