Adobe and HYP3R unleash the third wave of location marketing

We’re proud to be a Business Partner in the Adobe Exchange!

We founded HYP3R three years ago with a simple goal: to make marketing efficient for businesses and delightful for consumers with location-based data as an integral tool. This week, I am excited to announce an alliance that helped us further cement that goal as HYP3R became a business partner in the Adobe Exchange.

With our Adobe integration, we are enabling marketers to elevate their marketing campaigns with the context of location and become truly experience-based brands. Adobe is the system of record for marketers where HYP3R customers like Caesars Entertainment, 24 Hour Fitness and Marriott International ultimately wanted to leverage location data, and we are thrilled to see the integration come to life. By leveraging our data in Adobe’s platforms, marketers can know their customers better than ever before to become more personal, relevant, and welcomed.


To celebrate the integration we hosted a party and fireside chat in the courtyard of our Pacific Avenue HQ. That night we learned first-hand from Julie Hoffmann, head of industry strategy in travel and hospitality for Adobe, and 24 Hour Fitness VP of Marketing Mike Carney, how essential location data has become to fostering experience-based business models in today’s highly competitive world.

“Data can be used in a meaningful way, to understand who a customer is, deliver great experiences and anticipate how to change the conversation as the customers travels through their journey,” Julie said, noting that experience-based businesses who successfully leverage location data typically see 2x business growth, compared to their less advanced counterparts.

“Loyalty often ties back to service and relevance, for new generations,” she added. “They’re like, ‘I expect you to know where I am … Take my data, as long as you make my experience better.’”

“For businesses, location cloud marketing provided by HYP3R provides new opportunities to engage younger guests who are more difficult than ever to retain,” Mike said.

“A millennial will sign up [for a fitness club membership] in January and quit in June … so to create an opportunity to expand one more MO of membership is big,” he said. “The HYP3R team has created myriad tools to do that.”

Millennial or not, today’s consumers expect obsessively high-touch service, and marketing that feels tailored to them.

The Third Wave of Location Marketing is the Cloud

Marketing has, for far too long, been the opposite of delightful. Guests, especially in verticals like travel, had to work hard to get what they wanted. But we believe there’s no good reason why marketing can’t be a welcome presence in people’s lives.

Location data empowers marketers to anticipate customers’ needs, personalize their experiences, and give them back time within the customer journey. With location marketing cloud and integrations like the one we’ve built with Adobe, we are pushing location marketing into a new frontier. We like to think of this as the “third wave” of location marketing.

In its earliest day, location marketing referred to a businesses’ physical location. If you wanted to drive sales, you put your storefront on a high-traffic street corner.

Then smartphones came along with GPS capabilities, and it was no longer about your business’s location, but your customers’ location. Companies like Foursquare enabled marketers to provide ads and offers to people nearby.

Yet second-gen location marketing still missed the mark. It was often transactional and not highly targeted. A person who passed by Chipotle, for example, could be served an ad for half-off burritos even if they were heading to a Michelin-star restaurant around the corner.

Location Marketing Cloud Elevates the Entire Customer Journey

In the third generation, location marketing cloud, we’re unlocking opportunities for marketers to use location data to elevate the entire customer journey, allowing them to finally bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. No longer is location data reserved to provide real-time offers, but within CRMs, DMPS and customer intelligence Platforms; to elevate media campaigns; and to improve guest experiences on-location.

In regards to the Adobe and HYP3R partnership, we are particularly excited about a few opportunities:

  • HIGHER-VALUE, TARGETED AUDIENCES: HYP3R’s innovations in location marketing cloud can be used to acquire and engage higher value audiences based on the context of location. This includes building audiences of previously unidentified guests who visited your properties who can be re-targeted with relevant messaging, as well as people who’ve visited competitive or relevant locations. Previously, these were audiences that marketers missed out on even though their location data demonstrated a high likelihood to purchase. For example, a major cruise line was able to lower CAC by more than 40% by targeting people who’d cruised on a competitive line with a conquest offer.
  • IMPROVED CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE: With location data, marketers can refine messaging and campaigns by leveraging critical insights on the experiences people enjoy in the real world. Never before have marketers been able to understand their customers and what they enjoy so intimately. For one of our fitness customers, location data enabled them to identify that more than 26% of their members were visiting other gyms for group fitness classes. They were able to address unmet needs with new offerings, including up-selling personal training services to significantly increase their LTV.
  • RELEVANT & WELCOMED MARKETING: By combining location intelligence with higher-value audiences, marketers are able to provide more personalized media with greater context and relevance. For example, a high-value traveler and foodie with large social reach who frequently visits luxury hotels might be served an Instagram ad to receive a free meal at a hot new restaurant from Caesars Entertainment. When she’s in Vegas, she could continue to receive real-time offers for experiences that are tailored to her interests based on places she’s visited in the past and content she’s shared.

These are just a few examples of the opportunities integrations like the one we’ve built with Adobe provide.

As one of the world’s leading marketing cloud providers, Adobe’s mission is to transform brands into experience-driven businesses that, above all else, put customers first. Those are values that Adobe and HYP3R are intellectually highly aligned on.

We look forward to collaborating with innovators like Adobe, and to revolutionizing marketing with committed partners.

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Carlos Garcia
Author Carlos Garcia CEO