Here & Now: SXSW, Day One

SXSW has kicked off in downtown Austin, with more beer-braised meats than you can shake a (drum)stick at. We’re live on-location, competing, recruiting and activating with our partners.

From day one, on-location, in a stream of consciousness:

  1. We’ve never seen a t-shirt screen printing company bursting at the seams quite like Industry Print Shop today. How much of Austin’s screen printing business is done in the month of March?
  2. Which startup will be the one to solve the problem of the two-hour festival badge line? This perennial conference reality is ripe for disruption (do you hear us, Silicon Valley)?
  3. Gatorade’s Fuel Lab wins the day for epic build-out and customized swag. Creating something with your name on it simply never gets old, especially if it’s an athlete-edition water bottle with your favorite team colors emblazoned on it.
  4. If you’re paying for food (or beer, or vodka) in Austin this week, you’re losing. With so much Texan fare at your fingertips, your calories should be complimentary.
  5. If you haven’t tried Mountain Dew-braised bacon tacos before, you haven’t lived. Check out the Pepsico NSPIRE truck @ Mash House SXSW for your food-truck-of-the-future freebies.

As night starts to descend on night #1 in Austin, remember:

  1. Never consume more drinks than you have hours to recover. 1:1, friends!
  2. We lose one hour of sleep tomorrow night; prepare accordingly!

We’ll be following both of these rules religiously as we prepare to compete in tomorrow’s SXSW Accelerator competition (Startup Village @ Hilton Austin Downtown). We hope to see you there!

Joseph Lage
Author Joseph Lage Director of Growth Marketing