How to Keep Your Customers in Love Throughout the Life Cycle

This Valentine’s Day, love is here? at HYP3R.

We’re a company with a heart in our logo, and we want that ethos reflected in everything we do. Our philosophy for sales, marketing, product and everything in between is to listen like a friend, and then act like one — that’s why we think of our clients as partners. And on the Partner Success team, that means giving our clients all the feels at every point in the life cycle.

“From implementation to onboarding to training to support, we make sure our clients never feel like they’re talking to a machine or a random ticketing system,” said Chris Gentilini, VP of Partner Success at HYP3R.

SaaS companies must follow the golden rule with their customers, and make sure they’re available for them every step of the way. But, Chris added as a caveat, that doesn’t necessarily mean being high-touch with every customer. That doesn’t scale, and it can come off as annoying (or, even worse — clingy).

Here are a few tips from our Partner Success team on how to keep the love growing among your customers at each phase of the relationship.

Onboarding: The Honeymoon Phase

When it comes to helping a customer fall in love ? with your company, onboarding is critical. Corey Woodburn, Partner Success Manager at HYP3R, leads training for our clients. She makes sure that every resource we share — from a recorded webinar to a support article — truly portrays our friendly, positive ethos to help customers get over the typical hurdles of learning a new technology platform.

Corey explained: “I’d rather invest lots of time at the beginning of a client relationship, walking them through HYP3R, making them love it, showing them every single detail that I think is going to add value to their specific use case… than six months down the line, they end up unhappy with the product because they didn’t know about a certain feature that would have made their life better.”

Even if it was love at first sight, you still need to nurture clients to keep their passion for your product alive.

Onboarding helps shape not only the perception of how your product works, but also who your team is — the people behind the platform. Taking the time from the beginning to truly understand your clients and their goals makes a world of difference. Too often, SaaS clients churn on a platform they think doesn’t work for them, but in reality, the platform just wasn’t explained correctly or they didn’t receive the right training.

Building a solid foundation from the beginning creates a level of trust that stays with clients throughout the entire life cycle. Not only do they get super excited about the platform, but you can proactively troubleshoot any problems they might have early on.

Education & Support: The Nurturing Phase

Even if it was love at first sight, you still need to nurture clients to keep their passion for your product alive. Our Partner Success team suggests proactively engaging customers to help them discover new value from your platform.

Constantly providing value is something we strive to do, in addition to always suggesting better ways our partners can utilize HYP3R.” Corey said. “We’ve also become much more proactive in addressing potential problems people might have.”

Corey also noted that training and support go hand-in-hand. Even if she gets a support email with no information other than a frustrated “I can’t log in,” Corey responds as positively and personally as possible. Chances are, she already knows what’s wrong, but she still takes the time to ensure she knows the full context to offer the best possible recommendation.

Renewal: The Commitment Phase

This brings us to the final phase of our customer love life cycle: the long-term commitment ? (a.k.a., renewals).

When you successfully onboard, educate and support your client so they continue to find value in your product, they’ll see you as more than a vendor, but as a strategic partner. They’ll trust you, which solidifies a bond that your competitors can’t break.

“When clients trust us, they’ll reach out with marketing questions that aren’t necessarily about HYP3R,” Chris said. “They see us as an advisor, and they know we’ll try our best to help in any way we can.”

It’s not enough for your clients to fall in love with your product; you have to constantly nurture and support them — just like any relationship.

Long-term relationships require commitment to both your partners and your values. We’re proud of (and grateful for) the relationships we’ve built ? . Getting to know our partners and providing that first introduction to the platform in a personal way is priceless, and we’re sticking to those principles as we grow.

“Scaling doesn’t mean sacrificing your principles,” she said. “The heart of HYP3R lives especially in our partners’ success, and we need to make sure that’s never compromised.”

So this Valentine’s Day, know that it’s not enough for your clients to fall in love with your product; you have to constantly nurture and support them, just like any relationship. We hope you found these insights from our Partner Success team helpful. Stay tuned for more ?.

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Joseph Lage
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