HYP3R on Location: SXSW 2017

Every year, SXSW brings together the crème de la crème of social media mavens — and 2017 was no different.

HYP3R, the real-time, location-based engagement platform, tracked social media activity at key festival locations in Austin — the airport, the convention center and popular hotels — to understand what attendees’ tweets and ‘grams reveal about the festival overall.

Gender breakdown

If social media posts are any indication, the Austin festival still has some catching up to do to balance their male-to-female attendee ratio. Of the 1,990 Twitter and Instagram users we captured who identified as male or female and posted at the Austin Convention Center during SXSW, only 724 (36.4%) were female.

Social posts we captured from key Austin hotels*, however, were more balanced. For example, of the 269 users who posted from The Driskill in downtown Austin and identified as male or female, 124 (46%) were women. And for the posts with gender IDs from the W Austin, 169 (56.90%) were female, compared to 128 males (43.09%).

Eager beavers

While most attendees who posted on Twitter or Instagram from the convention center posted just once (2,502 users) or twice (538 users), one particularly loquacious attendee tweeted a whopping 117 times! We can only assume that it’s this eager beaver’s first SXSW.

Top social hotels

We used the HYP3R platform to rank 73 Austin area hotels based on the social activity happening at their location during SXSW. Here are the top five on our list:

Follower count

The top influencer who posted from the Austin Convention Center had 2,228,000 Twitter followers, and the top influencer who posted from the Austin airport had 2,637,000 Instagram followers.

For hotels, the Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt took the crown for having the influencer with the most followers ‘gram from their location. Here is that same list of five most social SXSW hotels ranked by the top Instagram influencer who posted from that location:

  1. Hotel Van Zandt — 5,228,500 followers
  2. JW Marriott — 2,315,000 followers
  3. Four Seasons — 881,500 followers
  4. W Austin — 744,500 followers
  5. Hotel Driskill — 528,000 followers

Of note, 39% of the posts we captured did not use the hashtag #SXSW. Marketers can use the HYP3R platform to surface all public social activity from a location — regardless of hashtags and mentions — so you never miss an opportunity to dazzle your customers.

Interested in location-based social insights? Take a tour of the HYP3R platform and come back to our blog in the coming months for even more social media analysis from your favorite places!

*key Austin hotels:
JW Marriott Austin
W Austin
Four Seasons Austin
Hotel Driskill
South Congress Hotel
Guild Lamar Union

Joseph Lage
Author Joseph Lage Director of Growth Marketing