We are HYP3R

At HYP3R, we believe in marketing that consumers welcome. Too often, marketing is intrusive and spammy — and therefore ineffective. HYP3R is here ?to change that.

We built our platform to unlock the power of location. Geosocial data provides context and actionability, since you know what your customer is experiencing. As marketing expert Jay Baer said on his Social Pros podcast, “If you know where somebody is, you can infer a great deal about what they might need in that particular moment.”

We empower businesses to make location the heart of their marketing.

The best marketers bridge physical and digital worlds to acquire customers with highly targeted campaigns, engage them in a delightful way, and analyze consumer and competitive behavior. And that’s not even the best part — at the core of our platform is a Geosocial CRM of everyone who has visited your (and your competitors’) locations. We empower businesses to make location the heart of their marketing.

As a result of this mission-driven culture at HYP3R, we recently decided to communicate our anthem through video — to tell the world who we are and what we stand for. Check it out below:

Every marketer’s dream is getting the right messages to the right people at the right time. We know that anyone — even a small (but growing!) group of people working at a tech company headquartered in San Francisco — has the power to change an industry for the better.

And if you’re interested in learning about how Fortune 500 companies in the hospitality industry are using our award-winning platform (as well as the results they’ve seen), click here.

Joseph Lage
Author Joseph Lage Director of Growth Marketing