Would You Stay at an Ice Hotel? 4 Epic Travel Marketing Stories You Missed this Week:

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Luxury travelers pay premium prices to sleep in freezing Igloo Hotels

How much cold would you tolerate for some Instagram likes? What if you had to sleep in below-freezing temperatures? It turns out thousands of people are willing to brave the chill for a chance to stay in unheated igloo hotels popping up across the swiss alps, where guests pay upwards of $500 a night for the privilege. Add this to the list of crazy travel experiences that are catching on.

Discounts for influence? Hotel tests an algorithmic pricing system

Traditionally hotels have set their pricing based on room inventory and seasonality. This is all changing thanks to Life House, a Miami hotel, that is taking personalization to the next level by setting and shifting rates based on customer preferences and spending habits and their number of Instagram followers. 

Tattoos on a cruise? Virgin Voyages launching “Rebellious Luxe” travel

Virgin Voyages CEO Tom McAlpin aims to create a new category of luxury travel which he dubs Rebellious Luxe. “We’re putting a twist into luxury,” McAlpin says. Their upcoming ship the Scarlet Lady is tailored towards a younger crowd that wants luxury without the stuffiness that comes with it. The ship, which is scheduled to depart Miami for the Caribbean in 2020, will even contain a tattoo parlor. 

Direct bookings are on the rise: study

A recent study by Kalibri labs found that hotel brand’s direct booking campaigns strengthened primarily thanks to their growing loyalty programs. Updated mobile apps,  which offer perks like keyless entry and mobile check-in, have played a part in driving the growth of hotel loyalty programs as guest continue to look for more frictionless experiences.

Joseph Lage
Author Joseph Lage Director of Growth Marketing