Where We Go From Here

We started HYP3R with a mission to make marketing efficient for businesses and delightful for consumers. That yin-yang was our guiding light as we helped some of the best marketers in the world connect with customers in the context of location. Our little company in the heart of San Francisco was recognized many times as one of the most innovative companies in the world. Our team was genuinely proud to see how customer experiences were elevated because of what we had built. Ultimately, people’s reactions made us optimistic about leading the way to a new frontier — enabling marketing that consumers actually welcome.

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind for our team at HYP3R. We have been wrongly compared to Cambridge Analytica and characterized as a company that is breaching people’s privacy. Those statements are fundamentally wrong. Breaching privacy implies that we have obtained information that is private which is something that we have never done.

We are a company with a heart in its logo and, as such, we took a “privacy first” approach to everything that we do. From day one, we elected to only show information that is made publicly available by people for the world to see. In fact, we do not show or see any piece of content or information that cannot be accessed publicly by everyone directly on social networks or any social listening platform. We have always been completely open and transparent. We even published this manifesto as we continued to pursue innovative marketing.

I can assure everyone that our technology has only been used by great marketers who love their customers. We enabled marketers who believe that the best marketing is a friend’s recommendation – that your happy customers can bring you other customers. We only focused on verticals that have hospitality in their DNA like hotels, fitness clubs and malls. The public posts that we organized by location have never been misused and never will be.

Our goal from this point forward is to set the record straight. We will collaborate with Facebook and we will continue to be transparent. Furthermore, we are shutting down the HYP3R platform effective today to focus our energy on these two priorities. Hopefully, our achievements and mission will inspire marketers to find ways to be surprisingly human.

We are grateful for the opportunity to innovate alongside great marketers and for the amazing team that we have today.


Carlos Garcia
Author Carlos Garcia CEO