Why We’re Here ?

Our mission at HYP3R is to make marketing efficient for businesses and delightful for consumers. That yin-yang has been our guiding light since day one. It keeps us centered and focused as we lead the way to a new frontier — enabling marketing that consumers welcome.

We help some of the greatest companies in the world connect with consumers on a personal level in the context of location. That is why Fast Company named us one of the world’s Most Innovative Companies for 2018 alongside Instagram, Snap, Reddit and Pinterest. We take pride in making the original promise of social a reality — connecting with people in authentic ways.

We understand and welcome the changes that Facebook is making to protect the privacy of all of us who have chosen to be part of a global, connected community. Their measures are aimed at preventing bad actors who exploit social networks to spread misinformation, engineer fear and destabilize entire countries. While it would be easier for us to be bystanders, we feel a responsibility to do our part to make sense of this shifting landscape. That’s why today, we are publicly sharing the values that give everyone at HYP3R confidence in a bright future ahead.

These are the principles that guide us…

We exist to enable marketing that consumers welcome.

We believe that the best marketing is a friend’s recommendation — the notion that your happy customers have a magical power to lead others your way.

We are here for marketers who earn the trust of their customers, and who do not cut corners in their path to build a community around their brand.

We work with marketers who act with transparency and authenticity, and take extra steps to ensure our platform is used only to elevate consumers’ experiences.

We will not let our platform be used for spam, or any kind of marketing that is not delightful.

We will never enable the use of fake accounts on social networks. Brands that use anything other than their real identities will not have access to our platform.

We will never support anything related to enabling the spread of misinformation.

We will never engage with political campaigns or governments even if they meet the criteria above — no matter the potential revenue. We’ve seen this kind of marketing divide society more often than not.

We are here for more than profit — there’s a reason why we put a heart in our logo. Our growth fuels our ability to give back and energizes our souls. We aim to build an iconic company that makes our families proud.

Today and every day, we stand by consumers, great marketers, law-abiding citizens and, yes, the social networks that connect us.

If we’ve learned anything about social networks so far this millennium, it’s that these tectonic shifts open new opportunities for entrepreneurs and marketers. At HYP3R, we are proud to be an official Facebook Marketing Partner. We are eager to innovate with them on behalf of great marketers, particularly as they continue to make changes to protect our society. And as we work toward that common goal, we will hold ourselves to an incredibly high standard of enabling marketing that consumers welcome.

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Carlos Garcia
Author Carlos Garcia CEO